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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: How much does it cost to publish a book with SciencePG?
We not only offer the online fast-publishing services, but also provide the printed books the same as other traditional publishers. Generally, we charge online publishing fee from the authors to produce the electronic version and the cost of the printed version if the author need hardcopies. We’d like to inform you that publishing your book into electronic edition is the first and necessary step. Whether printing the book or not and the copy numbers both are decided by the demand of authors and readers.
Q2: What is Online Publishing Fee for Book Publishing?
SciencePG dedicates itself to serve for readers and researchers, and takes efforts to produce the best publications with the support of the experts from different academic disciplines. Book publishing process needs to be paid with the online publishing fee which covers the fees of some valuable services including peer-review; production (copy-editing and typesetting), branding, and imprimatur, cover design.
Q3: How does SciencePG charge the Online Publishing Fee?
SciencePG calculates the final online publishing fee according to the level of income according to the standard published by World Bank and the final page number of your book, on which we will make an initial typesetting according to our book dimensions and typesetting rules. You can contact any editor from Book Publishing Department via service@sciencepublishinggroup.org and then we will help you calculate the online publishing fee.
Q4. How much is a printed book?
The cost of each hard copy depends on the pages and type of books. Besides, if the author or the institution of the author needs a large numbers of hard copies, we’ll further negotiate to provide the most preferential price.
Generally we use specialty paper (much better than the common uncoated paper, i.e. wood-free paper) to print paperbacks. We often use coated paper to print full-colored hardbacks. We have cooperated with experienced printing houses to guarantee the quality of our printed books for a long term.
Q5. Can the authors get some complimentary books?
Currently, we do not send complimentary books for free. If the authors need printed books, we suggest the author or the institution of the author ordering some and then we can negotiate to send authors some complimentary hardcopies according to the final total cost of the online publishing fee and paying more attentions to the Special Offers on our website.
Q6. What is Open Access (OA)?
Open access (OA) is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles. OA is also increasingly being provided to theses, scholarly monographs and books. By reducing the barriers that restrict access to knowledge, OA maximizes the opportunity for publications to be read and for authors to be recognized for their contribution in their chosen field and beyond. By making information freely available in this way, OA accelerates research and learning.
Q7. How to decide book to be OA or not?
The biggest benefit of the books published by OA mode is that the book can be read, downloaded and shared on the website free of charge. It’s helpful for the dissemination of knowledge. Meanwhile, OA may affect the sales of hard copies of this book. Anyhow, we believe there must be someone who prefers hard copies. If authors want to make more incomes from the sold books, we suggest the authors choosing totally non- OA or partial non- OA (authors can decide how many years later they prefer their books to be OA on the website). All these are up to the authors.

Most of our published books are OA, taking the book in the following link as an example

Some is partially OA, taking the book in the following link as an example

Some is totally non- OA, taking the book in the following link as an example
Q8. What is the online publishing fee for a non-OA book?
SciencePG books charge the online publication fee at the beginning of the publication process. In other words, whether the book is open access or not, the publication fee remains the same.
Q9. What’s the percentage of royalties the author will get?
The author will get 100% royalties after deducting the printing cost and freight and other costs of human resources if the book is sold.
Q10. How long is the publishing phase?
It usually takes three to six months to publish a book with us. If it is very urgent for you to publish your book, you can write your expected publication schedule or special demands in the book proposal at your earliest convenience and email us via  service@sciencepublishinggroup.org. And then we can give high priority to your book to make the corresponding publication schedule after we receive the payment of the publishing fee and try our best to finish the online publication of your precious book within three months if everything goes smoothly.However, the publishing phase depends on the time you submit your manuscript and the time you modify your manuscript.If convenient, please just Click Here to have a clear mind of our book publishing process.
Q11. Does Author sign an agreement with Publisher to publish a book?
Yes. If everything regarding book publishing including the publishing fee and other detailed terms are negotiated well between us, especially the online publishing fee and decisions for OA or not, Science PG will negotiate a book agreement with the author that specifies rights and obligations for the Author and the Publisher.
Q12. Does SciencePG publish books for free?
Most of books published by SciencePG are in OA mode, which allows readers to download and share and read for free. Considering this condition, the online publishing fees should be assumed by authors or funded by committees. So publishing a book freely is unacceptable to us. And it is unacceptable of us to use royalties to offset the publishing fee. Actually, publishing your books in SciencePG will be much cheaper than in any other publishers. We always provide the most preferential price to our authors.
Q13. When and how to make the payment of online publishing fee ?
Generally, SciencePG will send the service invoice to the Author after the receipt of the signed agreement. The payment Duration is seven days starting from the Invoice Date.
Three payment methods are available to us: Wire Transfer, PayPal and Western Union. We suggest authors paying via PayPal that is our online payment tool and is much more convenient than Wire Transfer. It is also very convenient to pay via Western Union.
Q14. When to allot the ISBN and post basic info online?
After the receipt of payment or down payment, SciencePG will start the standard publication process to allot the ISBN and post the basic information of the book and the author(s) on the website and send the Book Acceptance Letter according to the demands of the authors.
Q15. What’s the page limitation of one book?
The minimum page of a book should be 50. There is no maximum limitation of the book page.
Q16. What are the book dimensions of your publishing house?
We will choose the suitable book dimensions by considering the authors’ preferences and the convenience for reading and other conditions. Generally we suggest the author to choose small book dimensions as below:
Font size: Times New Roman, 11 point
Paper size: Width: 16cm Height: 23cm
Paper margins: Top: 2.0cm Bottom: 2.0cm Left: 2.0cm Right: 1.5cm
Page layout: Header: 1.25cm Footer: 1.25cm Line Space: 18 point size
We also have a large book size which is suitable for books with about more than 140 thousand words in total (about more than 400 pages). After we receive the required final complete manuscript in Microsoft Word format, we will make an initial typesetting to your book according to the suitable book dimensions and our typesetting rules to get the page number and calculate the corresponding publishing fee.
Q17. How can the readers purchase the e-books and or hardcopies?
Please send email to service@sciencepublishinggroup.org. When contacting, please provide us with below required information:
The number of copies you want to order;
Your current detailed mailing address:
Delivery Address
Postal Code/Zip Code
Q18. When can readers receive the ordered books?
Generally, it takes us 1-1.5 months to arrange the printing and delivery after the book is released online and the author will receive the ordered books within one week after he/her gets a shipping notice from us.
Q19. Do you provide services of translating and proofreading?
Sorry that the translation service is out of our publishing business at present. Regarding the English language revisions, we suggest you asking your friends or colleagues with high English level or English native speakers to do the proofreading and English language revisions before submitting the complete manuscript to the publisher. If the authors need peer-review for their books, we will contact our editorial Board to do the reviewing, which often takes about one month.
Q20. Do you have any requirement for figures in the book?
Yes, all the qualified figures should be at least with the resolution no less than 300dpi and should be in the format of JPEG, BMP or TIFF. You can click here to download the Manuscript Preparation & Submission Guidelines to get more detailed requirements for figures. We suggest you sending the original figures with correct figure numbers to us via email service@sciencepublishinggroup.org.
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