Special Issue

Complementary Currencies in the 21st Century Economy - Theoretical and Practical Aapproach

  • Submission Deadline: 8 October 2024
  • Status: Open for Submission
  • Lead Guest Editor: Nina Stępnicka
About This Special Issue
The complementary currency is an example of an economic experiment and a new kind of economic tool that supports the local economy and influences the creation of sustainable local development. However, this impact is not direct, as it is realised, for example, through a network of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the local economy, which, among other things, create jobs that are important for the economic well-being of the region and the life of the local community.
The primary goal of this special issue is to analyse the impact of complementary currencies on the economies of different countries. We invite contributions that explore complementary currencies, with particular interest on examples of these currencies and their importance for the economic, financial, social, environmental, technological etc. development of economies around the world.
Potential topics include, but are not limited to:
(1) The differences between domestic money and complementary money the functioning mechanism of complementary currencies
(2) The position of complementary currencies in a country's financial system
(3) The real impact of complementary currencies on various aspects of economic and social life
(4) Characteristics of selected contemporary complementary currencies in the world that are of significant economic and social importance to the economy
(5) Impact of complementary currencies on ecological, technological, environmental etc. Aspects of life
(6) Positive and negative aspects arising from the use of complementary currencies
(7) Opportunities and threats to the functioning of complementary currencies
(8) Model of an ideal complementary currency
(9) The future of complementary currencies
Types of articles welcomed: Original research articles, review articles, case studies, etc.
Through this special issue, we aim to structure knowledge on complementary currencies, including identifying examples of contemporary complementary currencies that are successfully operating worldwide. We welcome researchers from various disciplines to provide interdisciplinary perspectives on complementary currencies in complementary currencies and their impact on different aspects of economic functioning. Your contributions will play a crucial role in advancing knowledge in this field.
Lead Guest Editor
  • Nina Stępnicka ORCiD

    Department of Economics and Finance, Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Kielce, Poland

Guest Editors
  • Ron Whitney

    International Reciprocal Trade Association, Irvington, United States

  • Beata Sadowska

    Department of Accounting, University of Szczecin, Szczecin, Poland

  • Grzegorz Zimon

    Department of Finance, Banking and Accounting, Rzeszow University of Technology, Rzeszow, Poland

  • Robert Walasek

    Department of Logistics, University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland

  • Dariusz Brzozowiec

    Founder and Leader of Complementary Currency Zielony, Zielony Polska Waluta Lokalna, Starachowice, Poland

  • Liton Chandra Voumik

    Department of Economics, Noakhali Science and Technology University, Noakhali, Bangladesh

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