Nursing Spirit
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Lead Guest Editor
Professor Hui Yang
The First Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China
Guest Editor
  • Livana PH
    Kendal College of Health Sciences, Kendal, Central Java, Indonesia
In 2019,International Council of Nurses released a new theme: a voice to lead -- health for all.As one of the most pivotal professional in health care, nurses play key role in health for all.Nursing is considered one of the professions with love and compassion.However, with the surge of global health needs, many changes and challenges have been taking place in the nursing industry.This study from the perspective of "love" and "nursing spirit" to solve the current practical problems faced by the professional nurses, which has a certain reference for solving the existing problems of nurses job burnout and lack of professional spirit. Meanwhile, it can provide deep thinking and reference for students’ education and cultivation of nurse professional spirit. This study also expects to provide psychological support for nurses with occupational confusion through in-depth research, so as to promote the improvement of nursing quality directly or indirectly and benefit more patients and people in need of health care.
Aims and Scope:
  1. On the basis of fully consulting domestic and foreign literature, through the multi-point ethnography research method, the researcher conducted field investigation on 3 nursing units, so as to deeply elaborate the process and connotation of "love culture" in the nursing practice
  2. Based on the research method of grounded theory, in-depth interviews will be carried out on the respondents, and the end domain theory will be formed by analyzing the recording text, news media, meeting minutes and other data: the model of "love theory" in the process of nursing practice
  3. By integrating multi-point ethnographic data and grounded theoretical data, this paper will discuss how loving nursing spirit affects nursing practice
  4. Exploring the process and connotation of "love culture" and "love theory" in the process of nursing practice
  5. Exploring the factors, process and mechanism of nursing spirit on nursing practice
  6. This topic will provide theoretical basis for solving the existing contradictions in nursing practice and scientific evidence for clinical nursing practice
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