Industrial Engineering


Volume 7, Issue 2, December 2023

  • Research Article

    Detection of Milk Adulteration Using Ultrasonic Measurements

    Harini Srikanth Rao, Kamlesh Prasad, Suram Singh Verma*

    Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, December 2023
    Pages: 21-28
    Received: 7 October 2023
    Accepted: 23 October 2023
    Published: 9 November 2023
    Abstract: Checking adulteration in milk is essential because it is a vital component of the human diet and the practice of adulteration by milk vendors is going on for a long time. This experiment aims at calculating the velocity of ultrasonic waves in milk with adulterants by a non-destructive method. Lactometer can also be used for this purpose but the dra... Show More